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Is your channel championship caliber?   Give your channel a quick quiz

USATSI_9349706_1466407447251_3200203_ver1.0Capturing the mindshare of your partners is one of the top challenges of selling through a distribution channel.   Unless your products sell themselves, you need your channel partners’ sales people to be comfortable sharing your products’ benefits and advantages.

Here is the problem, unless your partners’ sales people have a baseline understanding of your products…  they are NOT going to talk about them.

The quickest way to measure and accelerate your channel’s basic product knowledge is through quick quizzes.

By deploying a quick quiz, you measure a couple of key metrics.  First, are they even clicking on your communications?   Next, how do they score on the basic product quiz?

Quizzes have always been a source of knowledge measuring, but how do they improve product knowledge?  HMI structures their quizzes with multiple choice questions followed up with answers and explanations.  So it’s not about passing or failing, it’s about building a basic level of competency.

Most won’t designate the time required for completion of LMS courses unless mandated by their employer.   But, quizzes are far from an enterprise LMS (learning Management System) and simple is what makes them so effective.   Quizzes should only consist of 5-10 questions and only take 5 or so minutes.   The fewer the question the more often you can give them.  For example, 3 question quiz sent out every Tuesday morning.

quizWhat should we quiz?  If it is sales people you wish to target, then you should be designing your quiz around the benefits and outcomes that your products produce.   If its sales engineers, then it can be more about the product features and functions.

Last and VERY important is how do we entice these busy professionals to participate in the quiz?  Companies like HMI Performance Incentives, can not only help in designing and deploying the quizzes to your channel but they can assist in development and delivery an incentive campaign built around the “quick quiz” initiative.   Wrapping incentives around these quizzes not only maximizes initial participation, but motivates partners to coming back for more!

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PS – those of you that know me, know I had to somehow work the CAVS in my blog this week!  Go Cleveland (The City of Champions)!

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