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New Zealand South Island Fishing Trip 2013 with my Brothers

New Zealand South Island Fishing Trip 2013 with my Brothers

I love to move the needle!  There is nothing quite like guiding your business partner to achieving new heights while triumphing record highs for your own organization.  Sure it’s great to hit your bonus and impress the company’s shareholders but helping your partner organizations, hundreds of them, do the same is whole new level of fulfillment.

Over the past 15 years, I have specialized in Channel Incentive Programs and multi-tier distribution business strategies. My many experiences working with manufacturers, distributors, and resellers have given me a unique perspective and understanding of what drives and motivates channel partners. Through these experiences I’ve developed a passion for moving products and services through distribution channels and helping clients design, implement, and administer B2B customer loyalty/growth strategies.

I started the Move The Channel group back in April 2010 in order to find others who shared my excitement about channel marketing and sales. During this time I have realized that, through innovation and the sharing of resources, we can really move the needle and transform the way business is done in the channel. My vision with MTC is to cultivate just such a community, composed of passionate channel chiefs and industry leaders who, like me, are always looking for ways to get the most out of their channel partnerships.

At ProfitStars I identify, recruit, on-board, and manage strategic alliances. These partnerships compliment and amplify each partners’ software solutions and value proposition to the end-customer. The end result is increased integration & deeper customer loyalty. Successful strategic alliances ultimately accelerate new customer associations previously out of reach of one or both partners.

Once the partnership has been established, my focus includes support through crafting strategy, defining partner sales interaction, training, lead management, incentive strategies, and joint selling.


When I’m not supporting my alliances partnerships at ProfitStars or blogging on MoveTheChannel.com, I’m maximizing time with my Wife and two boys.  I still get on the hardwood twice a week and love planning fishing trips with my 4 brothers.

Thanks for being a part of Move the Channel!

My Very Best,


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