About Move the Channel

Move The Channel began in April, 2010 as a private LinkedIn group. It was created as a forum where a small group of channel friends and contacts could share ideas and channel strategies while staying in touch. Since then, however, it has grown into one of the largest private groups on LinkedIn. With over 3,500 members, it has become THE place on LinkedIn for channel sales and marketing resources, offering advice and promoting innovative best practices from across-the-board industry leaders.


Movethechannel.com is an expansion of the LinkedIn group. Its goal is to provide an additional digital platform for channel pros to share and discuss ideas and experiences. As members of the MoveTheChannel community, we will have access to additional research, statistics, referrals, and cutting-edge news in the world of performance incentives, communication, and channel marketing and sales. We will also be offering informative eBooks, whitepapers, blog posts, basically any and all resources that can help us all collectively Move The Channel.

Personally I have applied many of the ideas shared in the group to my personal channel business and client’s programs while at HMI Performance Incentives.  It is amazing how often I receive a message from a member letting me know they have developed a new partnership or simply have taken conversations off line with fellow member to continue the dialog.  I really love hearing those stories.

So, whether you are a Channel Chief or the one executing the channel partner marketing program, you will benefit greatly from joining the Move the Channel community and resource.



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