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Channel Enablement with View? Yes!

Enable w view

Question: Does it make sense to invite your Channel’s heavy-hitters (Points of Influence) to an enablement weekend in the Caribbean?

Answer: Most likely, Yes.

When you boil it, if you want to move the channel it comes down to winning mindshare. That’s the channel’s age-old challenge! But for years we’ve been over complicating it. In the 80’s, we thought the key was educating partners with really smart content. In the 90’s, it was all about providing them with tools that made it easier for them to sell our stuff. In the 2000’s, it was a race to the bottom and we dropped our pricing pants. Today we see the “Field of Dreams” syndrome… “If we build it (a Partner Portal), they will come.”


Unfortunately, in order for people to visit your portal, you need mindshare first.

Keep it simple. Simply run a 3-month contest where your most engaged Partner Salespeople earn an “Enablement Weekend with a View”. (with the right partner this is easier than you think)

At HMI, we do this every year. We call it our Channel Incentive Thought-Leadership Forum. These forums are wildly productive and just a lil wild. Check it out:

To see more of the inner workings & enablement sessions of the Leadership Forum Click Here.

Your participants leave enabled with an affinity for your brand. How do they become your brand evangelist? No, it’s not because they had a great time at a great resort (although that doesn’t hurt). It’s because they had a chance to meet your leadership and most importantly mingle and learn from their peers at other like organizations. They love your brand because you invested in them… not their company…. in them! Now that’s mindshare!

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About the AuthorTravis Smith is the CEO & Founder of Move the Channel, a worldwide network and community of channel marketing & sales Chiefs and channel thought leaders. He also is a leader at HMI Performance Incentives, a channel engagement and incentive company focused on Channel Incentive Strategies. Travis helps some of the most respected companies in the world design, implement, and manage their channel incentive strategies.

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