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Move the Channel Announcement: Important News and Enhancements about our Group on LinkedIn

Dear Move the Channel Member,

I hope your 2016 is off to wonderful start! In the spirit of the New Year, I often use this time to reflect on past successes and set my sights on new and challenging goals. Move the Channel is celebrating 8 successful years, but now it is time to zero in on how to take this incredible group of channel professionals to new heights. After 8 years of tremendous growth and community building, it is time to take steps forward for a new and improved Move the Channel Group.

Although the group mission and goals remain unwavering, upon looking around the site, you will notice an updated Group Summary, Rules, and even our Title. However, the most significant enhancement is the addition of a panel of channel experts which has been assembled to identify the most relevant channel industry topics. This panel will be driven by recognized Channel Thought-Leaders who are committed to their specific channel expertise including:

Gary, Gary, and I are the initial contributors to the expanding panel serving Move the Channel. Gary and Gary are also taking on an executive management role at Move the Channel Group. I want to thank Gary & Gary for the leadership and vision they have already brought to Move the Channel and will continue to bring.

We will post the week’s topic every Tuesday morning to drive dynamic conversations that reflect the interests, focus, and valuable trends of our group. Comment on the conversation! Start your own conversations too! This group is designed to engage and grow.

As we move forward with our new panel in action, we ask these action Items of you, our valued MTC Members:

1.  Give us your FEEDBACK & SUGGESTIONS: If you are interested in the new discussion panel and/or have ideas on significant channel topics, please reach out to myself, Gary, or Gary. I’ve also started a conversation:

Move-the-Channel: News, Updates, and Suggestions for Move the Channel:

2.  INTRODUCTION: I invite all of you to take this opportunity to introduce yourself to the group. Many of you have already done this, however, please take moment to re-introduce yourself. Just as our Group has grown and changed over the 8 years, I’m sure many of your roles and leadership positions have changed too! Thanks for taking just a minute to introduce yourself!

Move-the-Channel: Meet the Members of Move the Channel! Introduce yourself here:

Thank YOU for your membership and contribution to the Move the Channel Group!

Move the Channel,

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