Boston Love

Boston Love

My current hometown of Columbus, OH is showing its support with this billboard above my favorite Vietnamese joint.  I thought that was pretty awesome!

As most of you know, Boston is the Home of my company HMI Performance Incentives and many of my friends and family.  Also Boston represents our second largest demographic in Move the Channel Group with almost 200 members from bean-town.   You all continue to be in all of our heart & minds.

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Here are the Top Reward Redemptions for Channel Incentive Programs


After many years in the Channel incentives industry, I still get asked the same questions over and over. Though I could fill many pages with those questions and their answers, two of the most fundamental questions are: 1). Which rewards are the most motivating? and 2). Which rewards are the most popular? The first question has a range of responses and varies based on target audience, length of program, etc. and is far too complicated for a blog post (although if you’re interested in the cash vs. non-cash awards debate click here to read a blog post by my colleague Matt Slane).

The second question, however, changes by season and is prone to trends in other industries. After taking a look at our redemptions across all programs, here are the latest trends we are seeing:

Merchandise (out of tens of thousands of items available on our website): 

#1 – Electronics – 12% of program participants choose electronics, and Apple products are leading the way.

#2 – Housewares – 11% of program participants are choosing housewares, with Alclad pots and pans at the top of the list.

#3 – Toys & Games – these pick up even further around the holidays, but about 8% of redemptions are for toys and games.

Travel and Events (including airfare, concert or event tickets, hotels, etc.):

#1 – Real-Time Hotel Bookings – Orlando, San Diego, and New York are the top domestic destinations.

#2 – Travel Packages and Vacations – particularly all-inclusive trips to destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii.

#3 – Sporting Events – though summer is a great time for things like baseball games, this summer there is a rise in not only travel to London, but requests for tickets to Olympic events.

#4 – Concerts – many participants are redeeming tickets for Justin Bieber, Bruce Springsteen, and more.

Many of my clients want to select the “hot” product and build a promotion around the reward. Themes featuring certain products can be very successful, but they do have a shelf life.  Remember, even the most popular category (electronics) only accounts for 12% of redemptions.  My advice is you can feature certain products, but don’t try and guess what motivates your customers.  Let them make that decision!

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On January 31, 2013.   The Channel will never be the same.

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